1.    PROCUREMENT OF MOTOR BOATS ETC IN THE FLOOD PRONE DISTRICTS :- For the purpose of rescue and relief work during floods, procurement of motor boats and other accessories in 28 flood prone districts were made in the annual plan of previous years. The procurement part was entrusted to Water Resources Department. However, due to some disputes pending in the court, the Water Resources Department could not procure motor boats in desired number. In 2012, three south Bihar districts of Rohtas, Aurangabad and Arwal faced floods due to unprecedented rise of water level in the Sone river. Hence, it is proposed to procure motor boats for the flood prone 28 districts as well as these 3 south Bihar districts. The plan outlay for this purpose is Rs 34.00 lakh.


2.    Establishment of State Disaster Response Force: With a view to strengthen response mechanism and mitigate impact of natural disasters, provision was made in the annual plan 2009-2010 to establish a State Disaster Response Force (SDRF); a force with dedicated, well equipped and trained manpower raised on the pattern of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).


3.    Construction of Ware Houses: It is essential to have facilities in the flood prone districts to store the relief and rescue materials safely and securely which could be used at the time of disaster. 


4.    Establishment of Emergency Operation Centers: In order to effectively coordinate rescue and relief works during disasters, it was proposed in the previous annual plans to set up Emergency Operation Centres (EOC) in all 38 districts. For this purpose an outlay of Rs 845.00 lakh is proposed this year.



5.    Procurement of Life Jacket, Mahajals and Tents etc for flood prone districts: For the purpose of rescue work during floods, it is proposed to procure life jackets, mahajals, tents and other accessories for flood prone districts. For this purpose an outlay of Rs 200.00 lakh is proposed this year.


6.    Procurement and Maintenance of Communication Equipments: During disasters communication system gets dysfunctional hampering rescue and relief work. Hence, there is a need of establishing alternative communication systems have been procured. During previous years, satellite phones and GPS instruments were procured for the districts and headquarter. There would be need for maintenance of these equipments. In addition, there is need of procuring hand packs, walkie- talkies and other equipments for coordinating relief works. For this purpose, an outlay of Rs 200 lakh is proposed this year.


7.    Establishing Early Disaster Warning System: With a view to mitigate the losses caused due to disaster it would be essential to alert the population likely to be affected by it much in advance so as to enable them to take steps for their safety. Establishing an Early Disaster Warning System may be a right approach in this direction. For this purpose, an outlay of  Rs 50 lakh is proposed.



8.    Capacity Building of Stake holders for Disaster Reduction: For disaster reduction, it is imperative that capacity of the stakeholders and responders engaged in disaster proofing and management including engineers and architects, police, home guards, community, boatmen, masons and other stakeholders is built and a pool of trained personnel be kept in readiness to meet the challenges of disaster. For this purpose an outlay of Rs 1700.00 lakh is proposed this year.



9.    Awareness Generation: In addition to capacity building of the stakeholders, it is also imperative to make the general public aware about the ways and means to mitigate the risk of disasters. Hence, it is proposed to use all forms of media- audio and visual, all means of publicity and dissemination like posters-pamphlets-foyers etc, organize seminars/workshops/symposia, celebrate international day for disaster reduction and similar events at various levels to generate greater amount of awareness among the common public. For this purpose, an outlay of  Rs 100.00 lakh is proposed this year.



10. Modernization of Disaster Management Office: For increased output and improved management and coordination of disasters, it is important to establish a modern office with attendant accessories and equipments. In the last fiscal, provision was made in the annual plan to modernize the headquarters of disaster management department. For this purpose, an outlay of Rs 165.270 lakh is proposed this year.



11. Disaster Management Plan: National Disaster Management Authority has provided allocation for preparation of State Disaster Management Plan. The preparation is at the advanced stage. However, the final out put may materialize sometimes in early next fiscal. For this purpose, an outlay of Rs 3.00 lakh is proposed this year.