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        Traditionally, relief in the wake of natural calamities has been treated as the primary responsibility of the States. Successive Finance Commissions have also reiterated this position. Even though the States are primarily responsible for relief activities, the Central Government associates itself with measures aimed at ameliorating the sufferings of the people on account of natural calamities. Towards this end, the Central Government, with its resources, physical and financial does provide the needed help and assistance to buttress relief efforts in the wake of major natural calamities. The dimensions of the response at the level of National Government are determined in accordance with the existing policy of financing the relief expenditure and keeping in view the factors like (i) the gravity of a natural calamity, (ii) the scale of the relief operation necessary, and (iii) the requirements of Central assistance for augmenting the financial resources at the disposal of the State Government.

 Types of Response:

    The Central response can be:

(i) Policy response, and

(ii) Administrative response.

A) Policy Response:

        The policy response to a natural calamity would be provided by the Prime Minister, Cabinet Committees and the Agriculture Minister. The objectives of policy response would be

(a) to empathise with the sufferings of the people affected by natural calamity., and

(b) to sub-serve long term and short term policy objectives of the Government.

B) Administrative Response: 

        The response of the administration to a situation arising out of a natural calamity can be on account of

C) Central response:

        Central Governmentís response, at the policy level, to a natural calamity would lead to Central initiatives in the form of

        The administrative response at the Central Government level would broadly relate to:-

        The operational aspects of the administrative response could, further, be classified into:

        The primary relief functions of the Central Government would relate to:

        The secondary functions of the Central Government which supplement the Statesí relief efforts, would relate to: