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        For effective implementation of relief measures in the wake of a natural calamity, the Cabinet may set up a committee. On the constitution of such a committee of the Cabinet, the Agriculture Secretary shall provide all necessary information to and seek directions if any, of the Cabinet Committee in all matters concerning relief in the wake of natural calamity and take steps for effective implementation of its directions. In the absence of such a Cabinet Committee, all matter relating to relief shall be reported to the Cabinet Secretary.

National Crisis Management Committee(NCMC)

        A National Crisis Management Committee(NCMC) has been constituted in the Cabinet Secretariat. The composition of the Committee is as under:-

        When a situation is to be handled also by the NCMC, it will give such directions to the Crisis Management Group of the Ministry as deemed necessary. The Secretary(A&C) will be responsible for ensuring that all developments are brought to the notice of the NCMC promptly.

Crisis Management Group

        There shall be a Crisis Management Group (CMG) for dealing with matters relating to relief in the wake of major natural calamities, consisting of the following:-

        The Resident Commissioners of the States affected by major natural calamity may be coopted on the CMG during the period of crisis.

        The names, addresses of office and residence telephone Nos. of all the members will be maintained by the Scarcity Relief Division and the Control Room.

CMG  - Meeting

        The CMG will meet atleast twice in a year in the months of December/January and May/June and as often as may be required by the Relief Commissioner. The CMG will meet in the chamber of Relief Commissioner in Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi unless otherwise indicated.

        The CMG will:

        The nodal officer of each Ministry/Department would be responsible for the formulation of a Detailed Action Plan (DAP) clearly laying down the channel and manner of interaction, between agencies engaged in these functions, details of the contact points, and the specific measures and time-frames for their implementation. The specific action plan of individual Ministry/Department shall be submitted to the Central Relief Commissioner. The CMG will review these action plans every year and get them updated from time to time.