Archive of Kosi Flood Info - 2008

1. A Brief Report on Flood Caused by Kosi River in Bihar.
2. Details of Chief Minister's Relief Fund distribution in 5 of the flood affected districts of Bihar.
3. Guidelines for Relief Centers (Manual).
4. Impact Report on Kosi Flood released on 26-05-2009.
5. Daily Bulletin on Blocks Affected by Flood.
6. Daily Bulletin on Rainfall Position, Flood Affected Areas and Extent of Damage.
7. Flood Status of Districts - As per Form IX.
8. Deployment details of Medical Personnel.
9. Officers deputed to Supervise Relief Work during Kosi Flood.
10. District-wise deployment of Police, Army and NDRF during Kosi Flood.
11. Relief Camps and Mega Camps in Bihar during Kosi Flood - A Pictorial View.
12. Details of Tent used in Flood Affected Areas of Kosi in course of Relief Work.
13. State Health Society Report on Births and Diarrheal Cases during Kosi Flood.
14.. Guidelines for Relief Help.
15.. Guidelines for Relief Distribution - Phase-II.   
16. Kosi Calamity: Rehabilitation Policy